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Please call EBS Septic Service at 360-956-0134 for high quality septic systems services in Aberdeen, WA. We provide the following services and more:

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Modern septic systems are commonly pressure systems and have a pump chamber as well as a septic tank. To get optimum life from your system it is important to maintain your system by inspecting and pumping your system at regular intervals. The recommended interval is 3 to 5 years depending on the number of persons using the system and the amount of water usage.

Occasionally where there is excessive water use the system may need to be pumped more often and monitoring your system is the proper way to be determined how often that needs to be done. The best way to monitor your system is by installing risers with easily accessible lids.

This saves money in the long run as there is no need to big up the septic tank once they are installed and with proper maintenance your system should have an optimal life expectancy.

Whether you have a pressure system or an older gravity system your septic tank allows the solids to settle out from the wastewater as the scum and sludge layers build up. As the solids build up it allows for less time for the settling to occur and more solids end up leaving with the effluent.

They end up collecting in the drain field eventually leading to a system failure. By maintaining your system at regular intervals you can greatly reduce the chance of incurring these unexpected and costly expenses.


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